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System Changelog Entry #7528

Summary disabled vashanka combat effects
Rated Importance
4 raters
Rated Value
4 raters
Type content revision
By Starhound
When Jan 25 2019 2:37 PM
Description disabled all effects that would occur while a member of the chosen of vashanka was in combat. currently, the bonus specialities, weapon improvement mechanics, and general attribute/skill buffs for wearing the amulet remain intact.
Reason most of these effects were ripped from Battlerager guild code, and also was deemed a bit extreme for an association that requires so little to get into.
Result speed or skill modifiers, healing, stun/blindness/caust/numbness/deafness removals, or manfiestion destruction for opponent equipment no longer occurs in combat for members of this association.
Projects Chosen of Vashanka
Version not updated

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