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System Changelog Entry #7335

Summary event update: A New Age of Heroes
Rated Importance
4 raters
Rated Value
4 raters
Type unclassifiable
By Twilight
When Feb 21 2018 8:08 PM
Description Thanks to everyone who has been participating in the event. You guys have crushed the collaborative rewards. You can continue to earn individual rewards UNTIL THE NORMAL REBOOT TIME THIS FRIDAY, at which point experience collection will cease. For the individual rewards: Ranks in Mission-Driven will be inputted into Aristeia and will be automagically distributed to you whenever you have a character that joins Aristeia -- it might take up to 15 minutes to notice you in its maintenance cycle, but it'll happen. Lux will be distributed whenever I can connect with Chaos. He's been scarce and very busy recently, but I'll get to it ASAP. For collaborative rewards, you guys unlocked everything. See subsequent changelog entries for details in the coming week. NB: The ability to summon and battle an avatar of Aristes will be on a staggered release, coming within a few weeks.
Version not updated

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