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System Changelog Entry #4990

Summary massive planar/energy/magick/damage/affinity/resistance model revisions
Rated Importance
5 raters
Rated Value
5 raters
Type lib revision
By Chaos
When Mar 22 2011 7:47 PM
Description Implemented a new model of the hylocosms (as visible in per change 4989) and revised the planar, energy, magickal skill, damage type, affinity skill and resistance skill models to cohere with these, as well as renaming all of the -mancy magickal skills to Greek- rather than Latin-derived forms (because -mancy actually means divination specifically, fun fact). This has lots of implications, to state the case faintly.
Reason It was time.
Result Have actual coherent models for these things instead of each one being slightly off with respect to all the others, lots of various good happiness.
Version lib minor version incremented to Ain Soph 2.4.0

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