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System Changelog Entry #6861

Summary ovg spell knowledge requirement reforumlation
Rated Importance
3 raters
Rated Value
3 raters
Type content revision
By Starhound
When Mar 21 2017 6:07 PM
Description around 1/2 of the spells now look for primarily int based skills: Arcane Lore, Metaphyics, Bellerophrasty, Aretophrasty, Spatiophrasty, Hylophrasty, or Ergiphrasty, depending upon the effect of the spell. The only spells that have not been changed are the foci spells, and the energy conversion spells. Spells do still use ego/wil skills like evocation or its respective magickal skill for its knowledge condition, but at a very diminished rate (usually counted as 0.25 value of the current skill).
Reason all the -turgy spells were moved to a different attribute, allowing for those skills to be prodominately used during the time of casting while we adjust the knowledge of spells and their workings to these other skills. Also lessening the importantance of a single attribute.
Result aristides now trains these skills, ovg get access to these skills, spells are now seperated by knowledge and performance.
Projects Ordo Verbus Glacialis, Lair of Winterchill
Version not updated

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