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System Changelog Entry #6172

Summary Revised Traveler Obstacle modified recalculation
Rated Importance
2 raters
Rated Value
2 raters
Type content revision
By Saeban kail Lonyr
When Oct 14 2015 3:05 PM
Description Challenge obstacles automatically compensate if you use buffs. This recalculation time was fairly slow, which meant when a buff wore off, you could have a period where it was greatly overcompensated. This overcompensation sometimes lead to things like all of your limbs falling off. This time is now much faster, and as a result you should not fall apart while it recalculates the modifiers.
Reason Unfortunately, this was slightly too cruel even for us.
Result Less players having all their limbs, including head, fall off when phoenix rebirth expired.
Projects Travelers
Version not updated

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