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Atman Profile: Mkdbzfan

Primary Incarnos
Thonirus, Level 15 male Losthavener human Warbreaker and Losthaven Guard
Other Incarnoi
Gannalarnwin son of Gemeniera, Level 12 male Losthavener human Knight of the Round Table, Losthaven Guard, and Summachos of the Pantarchic Church of Yehovah
Corudis son of Gyrcilner, Level 1 male Beorn human adventurer
Kadaeon, Level 13 male Othran parakeet Shapeshifter
Gruratharr, Level 10 male Argnash garou adventurer and Lykouros
Esivvit, Level 1 male Istaxith srazh adventurer
Natsuko, Level 2 male Losthavener sekh adventurer
Tsorku, Level 2 male Losthavener sleklith adventurer
Giath, Level 20 male Archeop aviar Aisenshi-Insei-Te, Hawkman, and Losthaven Guard
Alosrin, Level 3 male Vanyar dana Aliavelyr
Ergsin, Level 1 male Losthavener slaan Frater Zephyrius Mutatoris
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