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Atman Profile: Wolpertinger

Primary Incarnos
Wolpertinger, Level 21 female Kedethkral tuatha Zetesa, Sister of Wine and Song, and Stalker of the Gate
Other Incarnoi
Bunyip, Level 38 male Istaxith imp Attuned Frater Ignis Aeternis and Neophyte Warden
Hugin, Level 18 male Losthavener tuatha Ringwielder, Kazarzeth, and Stalker of the Gate
Tatsuo, Level 29 male Hanoman orc Aisenshi-Insei-Ono and Hellwalker
Woofenpoof, Level 27 female Losthavener advenus Attuned Courtesan of the Coven and Losthaven Guard
Someblob, Level 17 male Othran kentaur Shapeshifter
Skvader, Level 24 male Losthavener kobold Zetesis and Neophyte Warden
Myrbeabno, Level 14 male Losthavener fomor Shemsu Sutekh and Discordian Legionnaire
Jackalope, Level 33 male Wickwer Amberite Attuned Lightbringer
Barmanou, Level 11 male Losthavener slaan POEE Initiate
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