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Wikipedia entry
Our Wikipedia entry, featuring (as befits an encyclopedia article) a number of interesting tidbits you may not have known about us.
Lost Souls Subreddit
A subreddit for Lost Souls players and developers.
TV Tropes entry
The article for Lost Souls on TV Tropes.
Facebook Group
The Facebook group for Lost Souls people.
Facebook Fan Page
The fan page for Lost Souls on Facebook.
MySpace Group
There is a MySpace discussion group for Lost Souls.
LiveJournal Community
Lost Souls has a LiveJournal community dedicated to it.
MUDStats Listing
Our listing on MUDStats.com.
MUDBytes Listing
Our listing on MUDBytes.
MU*Wiki Page
Our page on MU*Wiki.
Discordian Quotes
The Discordian Quotes web site, built using the very same Discordian Quotes found in Lost Souls.
System Changelog LiveJournal Syndication
The System Changelog is syndicated on LiveJournal for your viewing pleasure.
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