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Atman Profile: Arafelis

Primary Incarnos
Arafelis, Level 1 male Xotic human adventurer, Discordian Legionnaire, Neophyte Warden, and Weapon of Vengeance
Other Incarnoi
Spectrus, Level 32 male Losthavener sekh Ringwielder, Chosen of Vashanka, Explorer, Kazarzeth, and Weapon of Vengeance
Lukus Zero, Level 44 male Losthavener drow Attuned Traveler and Neophyte Warden
Zeokate Untoward, Level 93 male Sheng Long boglin Ringwielder, Chosen of Vashanka, Kazarzeth, and Weapon of Vengeance
Lethe, Level 16 male Noldor tuatha Ringwielder and Weapon of Vengeance
Reason, Level 17 male Xotic chaosborn ELF Guerrilla, Crafty Linguist, and Explorer
Tragedy, Level 36 male Noldor tuatha Aisenshi-Insei-Ken, Explorer, and Neophyte Warden
Raithe, Level 1 male Freeholder sekh Aisenshi-Insei-Ken
Praxidike, Level 8 female Exomka imp POEE Initiate and Maiden of the Spear
Ithxalix, Level 24 male Istaxith srazh adventurer, Losthaven Guard, and Probaton of the Pantarchic Church of Yehovah
Ysmnemyth, Level 15 male Exomka zenun adventurer and Discordian Legionnaire
Xildun Prentice, Level 12 male Freeholder llelimin Ringwielder and Weapon of Vengeance
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