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Primary Incarnos
Cassiopeia, Level 51 female Trueborn Amberite Attuned Aisenshi-Insei-Ken
Other Incarnoi
Sappho, Level 101 female Losthavener advenus Attuned Traveler
Zeno, Level 40 male Losthavener advenus adventurer and Questor of Axa
Eucides, Level 36 female Losthavener Amberite Aligned Chosen of Vashanka and Weapon of Vengeance
Etimis, Level 23 neuter Losthavener chaosborn Reaper
Alexia, Level 127 female Vanyar tuatha Aliavelyr and Maiden of the Spear
Archimedes, Level 30 male Vanyar tuatha Knight of the Round Table
Cimon, Level 13 female Tenochlani wildling garou adventurer and Lykouros
Pythagoras, Level 38 female Losthavener advenus adventurer
Pericles, Level 19 male Freeholder chaosborn Ringwielder, Chosen of Vashanka, and Weapon of Vengeance
Aristotle, Level 35 male Vanyar tuatha Aisenshi-Insei-Ken
Eternity, Level 7 female Losthavener advenus ELF Guerrilla
Diogenes, Level 20 female Trueborn Amberite Ringwielder
Niko, Level 1 female Trueborn Amberite adventurer
Vetus, Level 1 male Losthavener chaosborn POEE Initiate
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