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Atman Profile: Guardas

Primary Incarnos
Guardas, Level 330 male Losthavener phaethon Aligned Aedarene, Aisenshi-Insei-Te, Frater Ignis Aeternis, Lightbringer, Explorer, Hanoman Wandslinger, Magister Collegii, and Questor of Axa
Other Incarnoi
Londar ont Monden, Level 28 male Kolondan eolon Battlerager and Touched
Virtuous Neurosis, Level 31 male Shadowmyrker nyloc Aligned
Drella, Level 25 female Trueborn Amberite Attuned White Maiden of the Coven
Adiras, Level 53 male Hanoman urga Attuned Ringwielder
Irelun, Level 339 male Losthavener fomor Aristeios, Brute, ELF Guerrilla, Hantaka, POEE Initiate, Ringwielder, Garrik's Assassin, Magister Collegii, Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel, Touched, Weapon of Vengeance, and Yathrelar Wandslinger
Bravar, Level 44 male Losthavener bogual Justicar of Axa, Losthaven Guard, and Questor of Axa
Zelena, Level 27 female Losthavener trullja Verynvelyr, Chosen of Vashanka, Discordian Legionnaire, and Touched
Organdy Type, Level 34 female Losthavener riishan Aisenshi-Insei-Te and Aristeia
Maora, Level 37 female Wickwer svirfneblin Deep Whisperer and Touched
Shainath, Level 60 male Losthavener kobold Attuned Traveler and Touched
Thrys, Level 47 neuter Almerian wildling skogarhogg adventurer
Casralta, Level 50 female Losthavener eolon Kazarak and Ringwielder
Aurento, Level 58 male Hanoman human Aligned Aisenshi-Insei-Ken, Ringwielder, Lykouros, and Touched
Barroth, Level 19 male Sanctuari trullja Shemsu Sutekh, Gatherer, and Touched
Reswin, Level 12 male Losthavener narja Aisenshi-Insei-Te and Hellwalker
Arelon, Level 10 hermaphrodite Losthavener aethoss Aligned Touched
Imperatrix, Level 23 female Imptropolitan imp POEE Initiate and Touched
Bandor, Level 21 male Losthavener eolon Aristeios and Touched
Zolba, Level 16 male Losthavener kobold Frater Ignis Aeternis
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