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Atman Profile: Lirin

Primary Incarnos
Varrarm, Level 17 male Losthavener human Ringwielder, Aristeios, Discordian Legionnaire, Gatherer, Losthaven Guard, and Neophyte Warden
Other Incarnoi
Amnalan, Level 9 male Losthavener advenus Shemsu Sutekh, Aristeios, Discordian Legionnaire, and Losthaven Guard
Verilleth, Level 8 male Losthavener aviar Knight of the Round Table, Hawkman, Losthaven Guard, and Summachos of the Pantarchic Church of Yehovah
Cabatys, Level 13 male Othran dragon Shapeshifter, Aristeios, and Losthaven Guard
Vazmallion, Level 1 male Losthavener advenus adventurer
Kucerno, Level 1 male Losthavener urga adventurer
Rorax, Level 1 male Zadnothruan wildling duergar adventurer
Sylarel, Level 5 male Losthavener advenus Attuned Aisenshi-Insei-Ken and Aristeios
Nanis, Level 6 male Losthavener drow Hantaka and Aristeios
Tovaruta, Level 1 male Argnash garou adventurer
Akalur, Level 1 male Argnash garou adventurer
Lusion, Level 11 male Losthavener garou Ulfhednar and Lykouros
Faralat, Level 1 male Teleri quess adventurer
Elitoriel, Level 1 male Teleri quess Aliavelyr
Eladrann, Level 9 male Vanyar dana Attuned Aliavelyr, Aristeios, Cuar Faern, and Questor of Axa
Xalmidoth, Level 11 male Losthavener human Reaper
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