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Primary Incarnos
Corpus, Level 91 neuter Losthavener zuth Reaper
Other Incarnoi
Zareish Damonico, Level 165 male Losthavener human adventurer and Questor of Axa
Pawn, Level 30 male Losthavener human Aisenshi-Insei-Yari
Vanessa Toryl, Level 30 female Losthavener tuatha POEE Initiate
Erich Rel, Level 18 male Losthavener chaosborn adventurer
Obere, Level 15 male Lowlander faerie Frater Ignis Aeternis
Legolas, Level 18 male Vanyar tuatha Aliavelyr
Leeroy ont Jenkins, Level 37 male Kolondan thond Battlerager and Discordian Legionnaire
Inquisitor, Level 30 male Tenochlani wildling garou adventurer and Lykouros
Vivian daughter of Nareth, Level 16 female Jhanite human Justicar of Axa and Questor of Axa
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