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Atman Profile: Squirrelattack

Primary Incarnos
Beam, Level 314 female Wickwer mazikah ELF Guerrilla, Agnihotri, Magistra Collegii, Mycenaean Wandslinger, Neophyte Warden, Sister of Wine and Song, and Weapon of Vengeance
Other Incarnoi
Squirrus, Level 65 female Losthavener zuth Attuned Aisenshi
Slaander, Level 181 male Losthavener slaan Ringwielder, Chosen of Vashanka, Cultist of Decay, Discordian Legionnaire, and Weapon of Vengeance
Rock, Level 178 male Trueborn Amberite Frater Zephyrius Mutatoris, Discordian Legionnaire, Mycenaean Wandslinger, and Soulburner
Optical, Level 86 female Othran bezhuldaar Shapeshifter
Orochimaru, Level 1 female Exomka fomor Reaper
Gir, Level 11 male Kedethuul kedeth ELF Guerrilla
Keeper, Level 5 female Losthavener tuatha POEE Initiate
Squirra, Level 31 male Trueborn gnome Devonshire Cleric and Maiden of the Spear
Phase, Level 4 male Losthavener Amberite Aligned
Finwelp, Level 100 male Noldor tuatha Attuned Aisenshi-Insei-Ken
Scruffy, Level 89 male Argnash human adventurer, Losthaven Guard, Lykouros, and Weapon of Vengeance
Manpol, Level 108 female Noldor kedeth Attuned Traveler
Redlolwin, Level 23 female Losthavener goblin Soror Zephyrius Mutatoris and Discordian Legionnaire
Telmech, Level 55 female Noldor tuatha ELF Guerrilla, Agnihotri, Maiden of the Spear, and Wandslinger of Camille
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