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Atman Profile: Tessa

Primary Incarnos
Drucasta, Level 25 female Archeop aviar Aisenshi-Insei-Yari, Verynvelyr, Agnihotri, Hawkman, and Maiden of the Spear
Other Incarnoi
Frarldoma, Level 13 female Tenochlani wildling garou Aedarene, Lykouros, and Stalker of the Gate
Vlulaulg, Level 17 female Ixo urln Hantaka and Deep One
Zosdabxam daughter of Ariserion, Level 3 female Freeholder slaan adventurer
Melisista, Level 16 female Archeop aviar adventurer, Hawkman, and Synousate Algesis
Carethisa daughter of Vesiris, Level 3 female Aeran aviar adventurer
Carethissa daughter of Zatadun, Level 17 female Aeran aviar Attuned Traveler
Jilari, Level 18 female Archeop aviar Black Sister of the Coven
Tink, Level 17 female Seelie pixie Verynvelyr, Agnihotri, and Stalker of the Gate
Falmarana, Level 4 female Losthavener nyloc adventurer
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