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Atman Profile: Unmnoru

Primary Incarnos
Pecolton, Level 105 female Talantonite advenus Attuned Deep Whisperer, Aristeia, and Touched
Other Incarnoi
Netheinath, Level 71 female Nisbetoth serentyll Zetesa, Aristeia, Gauric Legion, and Jhanite Wandslinger
Unconcerned Democracy, Level 66 female Shadowmyrker nyloc Zetesa, Jhanite Wandslinger, Neophyte Warden, and Stalker of the Gate
Kiteth, Level 37 female Zokandur zuth Zetesa, Istaxith Wandslinger, and Storm Walker
Ausraoth, Level 59 hermaphrodite Vanyar aethoss POEE Initiate, Agnihotri, and Aristeion
Azcatzilitzotl, Level 41 female Tenochlani wildling phaethon Attuned Aliavelyr and Maiden of the Spear
Ahahnem, Level 36 female Mordiggar pnath Zetesa and Jhanite Wandslinger
Interesting Action, Level 21 hermaphrodite Shadowmyrker nyloc Aligned Explorer and Touched
Takayi, Level 70 male Hanoman advenus Zetesis, Aristeios, and Stalker of the Gate
Kyraros, Level 18 male Othran kentaur Shapeshifter, Aristeios, Stalker of the Gate, and Touched
Ketkath, Level 32 female Seelie puck Attuned Frater Verbus Glacialis
Valkyrie Mutzilizoc, Level 47 female Tenochlani wildling slaan Attuned Zetesa
Yoko, Level 36 hermaphrodite Xotic chaosborn Attuned Aisenshi-Insei-Tanto, Aristeion, and Touched
Tanyel, Level 27 male Vanyar tuatha Aedarene
Gwoth ont Korlon, Level 14 male Kolondan eolon Frater Ignis Aeternis
Yrnyn kail Celestrelis, Level 17 male Faedraki phaethon Aligned Aristeios
Yrne kail Maetalys, Level 19 male Faedraki phaethon adventurer, Apollonian Disciple, and Shadow Brother
Kaby, Level 13 female Seelie tuatha Traveler
Nithor, Level 16 female Vanyar tuatha Attuned White Maiden of the Coven and Cuar Faern
Ninyl, Level 28 male Shakarian llelimin Attuned Eques Serpentina and Aristeios
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