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Atman Profile: Wart

Primary Incarnos
Mochi, Level 1005 female Xotic runtling Aligned Deep Whisperer, Lightbringer, Aristeia, Explorer, Hanoman Wandslinger, Magistra Collegii, Soulburner, and Touched
Other Incarnoi
Medea, Level 183 female Xotic dragon Attuned Traveler, Explorer, Gauric Legion, Soulburner, and Wandslinger of Corna
Kuviemont, Level 50 female Freeholder gnome Frater Verbus Glacialis and Explorer
Kenshiro, Level 214 male Kedethvek advenus Attuned adventurer, Apollonian Disciple, Aristeios, Gauric Legion, Losthaven Guard, Soulburner, and Touched
Bwalgkoozplush, Level 50 female Freeholder rhax ELF Guerrilla, Agnihotri, Crafty Linguist, Explorer, and Touched
Daxos, Level 116 female Losthavener advenus Attuned Ringwielder, Gauric Legion, Losthaven Guard, Magistra Collegii, and Touched
Tercarine daughter of Berinisa, Level 1 female Freeholder chaosborn adventurer
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