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Atman Profile: Zeav

Primary Incarnos
Cenon, Level 71 male Losthavener human Attuned Lightbringer, Explorer, and Losthavener Wandslinger
Other Incarnoi
Miri, Level 38 female Hanoman dana Aligned Explorer, Hanoman Wandslinger, Maiden of the Spear, and Probaton of the Pantarchic Church of Yehovah
Vraar, Level 41 male Hanoman urga Frater Ignis Aeternis and Hellwalker
Khamsin, Level 35 male Losthavener human Verynvelyr and Stalker of the Gate
Tholak, Level 39 male Losthavener zuth Zetesis, Chosen of Vashanka, Stalker of the Gate, and Storm Walker
Glimnus, Level 76 male Freeholder gnome Frater Verbus Glacialis
Vasas, Level 48 male Losthavener human Verynvelyr, Aristeios, and Renegade Wandslinger
Impalpably, Level 15 male Imptropolitan imp POEE Initiate
Thirio, Level 24 female Freeholder advenus Deep Whisperer and Touched
Gerathon, Level 29 male Freeholder phaethon Frater Ignis Aeternis and Stalker of the Gate
Niserkla, Level 19 male Sserakan sleklith Shemsu Sutekh and Chosen of Vashanka
Esodan, Level 29 male Filialtri human Eques Serpentina and Stalker of the Gate
Avidis, Level 1 male Vanyar dana adventurer and Cuar Faern
Einrim, Level 16 male Norsk human Ulfhednar
Veneron, Level 17 male Losthavener nyloc Ringwielder
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