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Gallery: Yog-Sothoth

The silvery spheres of this manifestation of Yog-Sothoth sometimes reflect what appear to be its surroundings, sometimes scenes resembling those surroundings but different in ways that may be subtle or dramatic. Original artwork by Ivy Baumgarten.

A Sleipnir Traversing the Exoma
A sleipnir, one of the eight-legged steeds sometimes seen in the service of the favored of Odin, traversing the Exoma.
Cosmology Diagram
This is a 3D-modeled diagram of one version of the Lost Souls cosmology, created circa 1994.
Simple Cosmology Diagram
A simplistic diagram of a slightly different version of the Lost Souls cosmology, also from around 1994.
Hylocosmic Model
One view of a 3D model of the hylocosms of the Lost Souls cosmology. The full 3D model is also available for download as a Google Sketchup file.
Stone and Sky Banner
A banner image created for an early 1990s version of the Lost Souls web site.
Sepia Banner
The sepia-toned Lost Souls banner created by Erebus in 2002.
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