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Top Fifty All Time Incarnoi in Adjusted Physical Attributes

as of Wednesday, June 19th, 2024 12:00 AM
Vance, Level 180 female Losthavener Amberite adventurer and Discordian Legionnaire

Veneficus, Level 23 male Losthavener zuth adventurer

Galminor, Level 20 female Hellspawn balrog Brute and Aristeia

Gaidin, Level 47 male Hellspawn balrog Justicar of Axa and Questor of Axa

Hasur, Level 81 male Obsidian Gezuuni Aligned Aisenshi-Insei-Te, Deep Whisperer, Aristeios, and Magister Collegii

Rylar, Level 293 male Vanyar tuatha Attuned Aisenshi-Insei-Ken, Aristeios, and Weapon of Vengeance

Erur, Level 1258 male Losthavener human Warbreaker, Aristeios, Gauric Legion, and Losthavener Wandslinger

Karnifex, Level 24 male Hellspawn balrog Justicar of Axa and Questor of Axa

Spitzatzag, Level 1009 male Freeholder human adventurer, Aristeios, Gauric Legion, Losthaven Guard, and Losthavener Wandslinger

Karette, Level 176 male Losthavener sturmjotun Frater Ignis Aeternis, Aristeios, Gauric Legion, and Losthaven Guard

Dents, Level 768 female Losthavener eolon Attuned Ringwielder, Zetesa, Aristeia, Explorer, Gauric Legion, and Losthavener Wandslinger

Elomas, Level 363 male Losthavener eolon Frater Ignis Aeternis, Aristeios, Discordian Legionnaire, Garrik's Assassin, and Weapon of Vengeance

Irelun, Level 371 male Losthavener fomor Brute, ELF Guerrilla, Hantaka, POEE Initiate, Ringwielder, Shemsu Sutekh, Verynvelyr, Aristeios, Garrik's Assassin, Magister Collegii, Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel, Weapon of Vengeance, and Yathrelar Wandslinger

Puff, Level 512 female Lowlander dragon Attuned Traveler, Crafty Linguist, Explorer, Fianna, Gauric Legion, Magistra Collegii, Renegade Wandslinger, and Sister of Wine and Song

Brak eda Sawall, Level 426 male Losthavener lothar Battlerager, Chaos Knight, Agnihotri, Crafty Linguist, Discordian Legionnaire, Gatherer, Neophyte Warden, and Weapon of Vengeance

Myx, Level 675 male Archeop zenun Ringwielder, Magister Collegii, Renegade Wandslinger, and Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel

Radic, Level 37 male Losthavener sturmjotun Verynvelyr, Aristeios, and Weapon of Vengeance

Idaho, Level 50 female Losthavener eldthurs Justicar of Axa, Losthaven Guard, and Questor of Axa

Imulis, Level 62 male Losthavener eldthurs Aligned Agnihotri, Aristeios, and Explorer

Garbage Throttlesnot, Level 1022 male Losthavener runtling Deep Whisperer, ELF Guerrilla, Aristeios, Losthavener Wandslinger, Magister Collegii, and Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel

Apocalypse, Level 56 male Losthavener eldthurs Attuned Verynvelyr, Aristeios, and Losthaven Guard

Stride, Level 524 female Trueborn Amberite Attuned Aisenshi-Insei-Ken, Traveler, Explorer, Gauric Legion, and Wandslinger of Camille

Xordigath, Level 317 neuter Yathrelar fomor Hantaka, Reaper, Ringwielder, Shemsu Sutekh, Cultist of Sacrifice, Explorer, and Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel

Meront, Level 521 male Losthavener cyflymyll Frater Verbus Glacialis, Aristeios, Explorer, Magister Collegii, and Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel

Wenon, Level 73 female Losthavener dragon Verynvelyr and Renegade Wandslinger

Colossal, Level 61 male Sanctuari sturmjotun Brute, Lightbringer, Aristeios, and Losthaven Guard

Godur, Level 40 male Almerian wildling myrrisi Aisenshi-Insei-Te

Calethietta Belmemetwinson, Level 61 female Losthavener felljotun Attuned Lightbringer, Aristeia, and Gauric Legion

Fynanan, Level 40 male Losthavener sturmjotun Verynvelyr and Weapon of Vengeance

Brawn, Level 276 male Kolondan thond Battlerager, Discordian Legionnaire, Explorer, Neophyte Warden, Ol Tonatiuh, and Weapon of Vengeance

Isli, Level 264 female Exomka fomor Frater Ignis Aeternis, Zetesa, Magistra Collegii, Stalker of the Gate, and Yathrelar Wandslinger

Donovan, Level 12 female Freeholder eldthurs Attuned Verynvelyr

Kowadoth, Level 43 female Losthavener sturmjotun Attuned Zetesa, Agnihotri, Aristeia, Explorer, and Gatherer

Wardlow, Level 501 female Losthavener dakshin Attuned Ringwielder, Aristeia, Gauric Legion, Losthaven Guard, Losthavener Wandslinger, Magistra Collegii, and Neophyte Warden

Golden, Level 119 male Losthavener nyloc Aligned Aisenshi-Insei-Te, Lightbringer, Traveler, Crafty Linguist, Losthavener Wandslinger, and Neophyte Warden

Alidis, Level 254 male Losthavener lothar Battlerager, Agnihotri, and Aristeios

Syri, Level 12 hermaphrodite Losthavener suzumei Aligned

Hagrin, Level 99 male Almerian wildling bergrisi Aisenshi-Insei-Ono, Justicar of Axa, and Questor of Axa

Rorex, Level 16 male Losthavener sturmjotun Frater Zephyrius Mutatoris

Gronk, Level 35 male Almerian wildling myrrisi Brute, Chosen of Vashanka, Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel, and Weapon of Vengeance

Hermod, Level 16 male Losthavener eldthurs Verynvelyr, Aristeios, Discordian Legionnaire, and Explorer

Apatzin Arenollothson, Level 16 male Sanctuari sturmjotun Justicar of Axa and Questor of Axa

Belimelette Hisinwinson, Level 14 female Losthavener sturmjotun Soror Zephyrius Mutatoris

Varsner, Level 12 male Losthavener eldthurs Verynvelyr

Epixtus, Level 77 neuter Losthavener skaijotun Reaper, Ringwielder, Explorer, and Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel

Tirulius, Level 22 male Losthavener dragon Aligned Hanoman Wandslinger and Neophyte Warden

Ajaros, Level 40 male Losthavener sturmjotun Verynvelyr, Discordian Legionnaire, and Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel

Apocalypto, Level 616 male Losthavener kobold Aligned Ringwielder, Explorer, Hanoman Wandslinger, Magister Collegii, and Sodalist of the Nine-Spoked Wheel

Tetsuo, Level 129 female Xotic dragon Lightbringer, Kazarzeth, Maiden of the Spear, Neophyte Warden, and Soulburner

Gavadel, Level 100 male Trueborn Amberite Attuned Knight of the Round Table, Aristeios, Losthaven Guard, Neophyte Warden, Prince of Amber, Steel Serpent, and Summachos of the Pantarchic Church of Yehovah

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