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Lost Souls

What is Lost Souls?

Lost Souls is a MUD, a free text-based multi-player online RPG (role-playing game). The theme of the setting is medieval fantasy, with elements drawn from a wide variety of sources alongside entirely original content. Your character in the game battles monsters, develops skills, advances in ability, pursues quests, and explores the wide, detailed world.

Lost Souls was founded in 1990, and has been under continuous development for thirty-four years. While many MUDs regard themselves as essentially finished works, Lost Souls takes pride in always working to improve its technology and design, reinventing the game experience continually.

How do I play?

Lost Souls is played via any telnet client. Please see our Web Resources page for links to client software. To play, use your telnet client to connect to lostsouls.org. The game runs on port 23, the default telnet port; some clients will require you to enter this.

What else is interesting about this Web site?

The best resource on our site is the Lost Souls Wiki, a lively and extensive community collaboration. It has a number of pages intended for new players, so if you're looking for pointers getting started, it's an excellent place to go.

You can check whether the MUD is running and accepting connections on the MUD Status page.

You can follow @LostSoulsMUD on Twitter for regular development updates.

There is an active Discord Community you can be a part of!

Our Atmai are our user accounts, where you can see some of the characters played on Lost Souls and achievements they've reached. Our Leaderboards show the highest ranking Lost Souls incarnoi (player characters) by a number of different measures.

Also available is the System Changelog, where you can see what Lost Souls developers have worked on lately (also available as an RSS feed and on LiveJournal).

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