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System Changelog Entry #6384

Summary additional runic commands for Gezuuni
Rated Importance
1 rater
Rated Value
1 rater
Type content expansion
By Marcosy
When May 4 2016 11:10 PM
Description Varn the runemaster in Obsidia is now capable of adding tattoos for control of runic commands. Members of the Weapons of Vengeance who see additional runes known in their 'help runic commands' list can ask Varn to add some of these runes to them by asking 'Varn, grant me the rune <rune>'. Note that your mastery at runic skills determines the maximum capacity of runes on your body, as with all Gezuuni runes.
Reason ongoing stuff
Result continued
Projects Gezuuni Runes, Obsidia
Version not updated

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