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System Changelog Entry #3904

Summary attunement level rewritten/some macros for devs wrt attuned
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5 raters
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Type content revision
By Twilight
When Aug 30 2008 9:29 PM
Description the formula for attunement has been rewritten. the formula now checks the UNMODIFIED base values in the skills/traits involved. the formula now incorporates more skills with less weight (and now includes more negatives). the levels in attunement should roughly match a (difficult to acquire) skill, with e.g. 40 being ok, and 300 being freaking awesome. visualize Hanoma has been updated to reflect this, as have the meditation benefits. getting padme as attuned now works as follows: you can get it as soon as you are eligible according to the "prestige check" inside the chakra, but the attuned affil will only charge it up a certain point scaling upwards (charging it to the max at 300 attunement). devs that want to interact with someone's attunement level should use the Attunement_Level(who) macro in Attuned.h lib (which will return 0 if the person is not attuned), and Is_Attuned(who) for determining if someone is attuned.
Reason generalizing and standardizing these concepts. the reason for the macros is that everyone that's attuned is not in the attuned per se at this point
Result attunement is a more mud-general thing
Projects Attuned, Aligned
Version not updated

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