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System Changelog Entry #3921

Summary based Cleric bless effect on guild spell effectiveness formula
Rated Importance
5 raters
Rated Value
5 raters
Type content revision
By Chaos
When Sep 5 2008 7:35 PM
Description Changed the effectiveness level of the Cleric bless spell so that, rather than being based on your maximum number of spells (as it, nonsenically and game-breakingly, was before the previous bless-related change) or your overall guild 'level' (as it was before this change), it's based on the standardized effectiveness-level calculation that the guild provides for spells, which takes into account number of times cast, deity spheres of influence, and so on.
Reason It was not.
Result Bless's effectiveness is calculated in a sensical fashion.
Projects Clerics
Version not updated

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