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System Changelog Entry #3977

Summary chakra max charge now determined conditionally
Rated Importance
6 raters
Rated Value
6 raters
Type content expansion
By Twilight
When Sep 23 2008 8:28 PM
Description chakra used to have a max charge of 1000. now their max charge is determined by a number of factors related to the chakra. for example, for muladhara, worshipping kali helps, having a high favour with kali helps additionally, and having a high unmodified strength also helps. there are other factors as well. (the maximum maximum, as it were, is still 1000)
Reason want to revise chakras to be more managable. as it is, they are too hard to get and maintain, because they are so good. i am going to make methods of getting them and maintaining them easier but more specific (instead of very hard but general). this is the first of a series of changes this week while i get this ironed out, so it may (temporarily at least) seem like a nerf, especially to chakra fiends.
Result hopefully a more reasonable chakra subsystem that a lot of projects can plug into
Version not updated

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