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System Changelog Entry #7714

Summary empathic bonds: unicorn, avigraal
Rated Importance
2 raters
Rated Value
2 raters
Type content expansion
By Starhound
When Jul 5 2021 10:49 PM
Description created a new empathic bond for unicorns and their winged variants: avigraal. re-enabled the spawning of a unicorn in avalon and disabled the unicorns ties to a racial affiliation due to legacy code and quality concerns. added two new maneuvers to go along with the bond. it certainly doesn't break the mold like other bonds have, but I think it'll be an interesting experience none the less. avigraal do not yet spawn in the game world still (i think?).
Reason I have wanted to create my own bond for a while now, never struck a good idea until recently. will be looking forward to fine tune and integrate this content in our next project.
Result possible Twi rage. content drought officially ended? supporting content in place for a future project.
Projects Empathic Bonds, Avalon
Version not updated

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