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System Changelog Entry #5139

Summary Large chunk of OIA updated
Rated Importance
5 raters
Rated Value
5 raters
Type content revision
By Lysator
When Jun 19 2011 1:11 AM
Description Removed the scaling power level of all directed attack and multitarget spells, modified damage from area attacks to Moderate level, revamped and fixed rampant errors in Immolate, Fire Wine, and Flame Shield, multiple cosmetic updates across the guild, minor changes to the dancing flames, and minor technical fixes across the guild.
Reason Spell logs looked like a face roll, error logs were being spammed, and some of the spells were just broken.
Result Spells that target a single target hit more accurately and harder than before, but spells that start affecting more targets are less accurate and do slightly less damage. Spells that used to flood the error log actually work correctly, even if slightly different than before. Got rid of a scaling factor that was redundant with an actual mechanic. Accurate single target spells aren't automatically overshadowed by area attacks in every situation. Finally got a change log entry to cover the unnanounced changes that have built up over the past month.
Projects Ordo Ignis Aeternis
Version not updated

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