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System Changelog Entry #8287

Summary Lights along roads and outside cities in the main maps should generally now actually work to light the area around them, since they were not doing this previously.
Rated Importance
3 raters
Rated Value
3 raters
Type lib bug fix
By Aeriella
When Feb 5 2024 1:18 PM
Description The Map_Room_Light setting was using set_light_external() to set a light level, which is different from the default room behavior of routing set_light() through set_light_generated(). Since setting the Map_Room_Flag_Night_Light flag (using set_map_feature_night_light()) causes calls to set_light_external() when night starts / ends, this caused a situation where rooms which are supposed to have light features at night (like the paved roads in Cimbra) were falling completely dark.
Reason Fixing something broke something else.
Result Poor humans might be able to follow the road between Stillwater and Losthaven without needing a torch at night.
Version not updated

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