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System Changelog Entry #4568

Summary made iouns possible to deactivate when unidentified
Rated Importance
4 raters
Rated Value
4 raters
Type content bug fix
By Twilight
When Jan 7 2010 10:58 AM
Description there is a complex series of conditions that occurs when you try to smack or tap an ioun. somehow the case where you don't have iouns identified, and where it is your ioun, was falling through the cracks -- this made it impossible to deactivate the ioun in this case. so i added another condition for these cases, where it lets you do it but requires a rating check similar to the attempt to smack someone else's ioun.
Reason saw an apparent behavioral anomaly, tracked it down to this.
Result iouns can be deactivated if you don't know what they are. erebus might want to look this one over to see if the conditions are still acceptable to his intentions.
Projects Ioun
Version not updated

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