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System Changelog Entry #3989

Summary mass stripping of 'wanderer' type
Rated Importance
5 raters
Rated Value
5 raters
Type content revision
By Chaos
When Sep 26 2008 4:20 PM
Description Removed the 'wanderer' affiliation type from the Kensai, Leonid's Sentinels, the Ordo Maleficus, the Outsiders, the Shapeshifters, the ELF, the POEE, the Crafty Linguists, Hank's Garbage Dwarves, the LDD, the Shadow Brethren, the Stalkers of the Gate, and the Weapons of Vengeance.
Reason Nearly all of our affiliations had wound up with the 'wanderer' type since it had very little meaning and sounded good, since in point of fact all of our players *are* wanderers of some kind. Since now it's acquiring meaning as people who cannot settle down someplace, it needs to stop being thrown around indiscriminately.
Result These affiliations are not intrinsically considered wanderers. The remaining wanderer affiliations are the Brotherhood of Wine and Song, the Explorers, the Hellwalkers, the Maidens of the Spear, the Aligned, the Rangers, the Travelers, and the Hand of Eris.
Projects Kensai, Leonid's Sentinels, Ordo Maleficus, Outsiders, Shapeshifters, ELF, POEE, Crafty Linguists, Hank's Garbage Dwarves, LDD, Stalkers of the Gate, Weapons of Vengeance
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