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System Changelog Entry #2412

Summary reduced scope of common area-effect attacks
Rated Importance
1 rater
Rated Value
1 rater
Type content revision
By Chaos
When Apr 1 2007 3:33 AM
Description rewrote the Sentinel major blast, Elflord area attack, and Ringwielder area attack runes to affect a randomized number of potential targets usually depending on a relevant capability rating; reduced cost of Sentinel minor blast; reduced activity costs, SP costs, and damage of the Ringwielder area attacks by about 50% and removed their cooldown times
Reason the "affects everything in the room" model is just a huge problem, making area attacks disproportionately valuable and encouraging "gather a crowd" tactics that are horribly bad for the MUD in terms of lag and errors; so it had to go
Result area effects are now mostly run on a "affects several potential targets" rather than "affects every target in the room" basis
Projects Ringwielders, Leonid's Sentinels, Elflords
Version not updated

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