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System Changelog Entry #6002

Summary empathic bonds specialty bonuses removed, replaced with skill bonuses
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By Twilight
When Mar 7 2015 12:10 AM
Description empathic bonds will no longer give specialty bonuses. they will now give skill bonuses that depend on the level of specialty *access* (regardless of whether or not you've invested in the specialty) you get from bonds. the math, subject to change, is: starting at access of 4, you get +20 to the skill, a flat bonus that goes up to +75 at access level 15. for access level 16, you get an additional bonus equal to 10% of your base skill. so if you have level 16 access from bonds to jumping and 40 base jumping skill, you'll get +75 from the first 15 points of access, and +4 from the 10% you get at level 16. every point of access above 16 gives you another 2% of base bonus on top of the 10%. if a skill was formerly marked as "do not get specialty bonuses from this", as were all magickal skills from bonds, you won't get any skill bonuses. if a skill was formerly marked as "you get half the normal specialty bonuses from this", your specialty degree for purposes of calculating bonuses is halved. please reread this paragraph a couple of times and experiment a bit before you ask questions about it.
Result bonds are now considerably worse at helping you with *breadth*. they no longer provide specialty bonuses that soak up requirements of other affiliations. so they no longer help you bypass specialty requirements elsewhere. however, they help you considerably more with *depth*. if you really invest in a bond and get crazy levels of specialty access from it, *and* invest heavily in the corresponding skill, you will now get very significant skill bonuses in proportion to your investment.
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