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System Changelog Entry #7819

Summary Chisels of shattering will no longer attempt to shatter rooms
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Type content revision
By Aeriella
When Oct 8 2021 6:15 PM
Description Chisels of shattering previously did not have a filter to automatically cause their shatter function to fail if the object they were being aimed at was a room. The only reason rooms did *not* shatter was because of an error being thrown by the messaging, serendipitously saving people from being sucked into the void. Updated chisels to check if you're trying to shatter a room (which includes any abstract item in a room) and to fail if you are. Old chisels will still error, but y'all shouldn't be trying to shatter the rooms you're in anyhow.
Reason Shenanigans
Result Fewer bug reports from people trying (and failing) to break reality.
Projects Corna Graveyard
Version world minor version incremented to Lost Souls 0.17.0

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