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System Changelog Entry #7415

Summary command for RW to resize their ring
Rated Importance
6 raters
Rated Value
6 raters
Type content expansion
By Starhound
When Jun 30 2018 2:02 PM
Description RW's now have access to a thought command which will resize their ring on demand via "will my ring of power to adjust to my shape". This command can be altered by other developers should they prefer different phrasing. The effect should cost 100 spiritual points to initiaite, and cannot be performed when Ahrikol is not in possession of the One Ring or if the RW is in a no-magic area. Obviously, this effect can't be utilized if the RW is already wearing the one ring as well, or if for whatever reason a RW does not have a ring object linked to them.
Reason player notified me of this.
Result RW that change size often don't have to relogin to update their ring and utilize their guild abilities.
Projects Ringwielders
Version not updated

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