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System Changelog Entry #3641

Summary completely revised the way damage ratings work
Rated Importance
6 raters
Rated Value
7 raters
Type lib revision
By Chaos
When Mar 31 2008 3:03 PM
Description Previously, the way damage ratings worked was by creating a multiplier to part of the effects derived from your weapon. Now, the weapon's effects essentially stand on their own, with your damage rating doing its own thing (distributed between effects like raw damage, pain, stunning, and so on by way of damage types).
Reason It was too much about base weapon ratings, making things like effective warrior monks and such infeasible.
Result Essentially, this somewhat decouples effectiveness based on personal performance and skill from effectiveness based on weapon, such that someone very proficient will be very effective with a lower-rated weapon or unarmed.
Version lib revision incremented to Ain Soph 2.2.744

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