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System Changelog Entry #7884

Summary Created setting to suppress subjective skill names
Rated Importance
5 raters
Rated Value
6 raters
Type lib expansion
By Nilten
When Jan 16 2022 9:41 PM
Description I have found it very hard to play affiliations like POEE with lots of zany skill names, and don't find it particularly enjoyable as a result - which is a shame. I respect that some people may find these wacky skill names endearing, so I created the ability to switch the functionality on and off. See 'help suppress subjective skill names' for details. Note: This will not take full effect until the game reboots and individual skills reload. But I have manually reloaded chaoturgy so you may see a preview.
Reason Nilten prefers having no fun. Sorry about that.
Result Nilten can play POEE and not want to walk away from the game.
Version lib revision incremented to Ain Soph 2.14.8

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