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System Changelog Entry #7851

Summary Eguna's Antiquities
Rated Importance
3 raters
Rated Value
3 raters
Type content creation
By Antipope Aeriella
When Nov 5 2021 6:57 PM
Description Eguna daughter of Celeril has opened a shop in the Losthaven Arena. Eguna explores the world looking for interesting trash from ancient cultures and offers her finds in exchange for scavenger hunt credit. Her initial stock is a cache of Pappy Koryon's Oils, a line of alchemical concoctions with various interesting effects (for external use only). Eguna may eventually stock her shop with additional items she unearths in her archaeogarbological expeditions.
Reason Initially had the idea of making enchanted sunscreen for characters with heliocausticity / heliotoxicity as a scavenger hunt prize and ended up expanding the mechanic.
Result Oils
Projects Scavenger Hunt
Version world revision incremented to Lost Souls 0.18.8

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