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System Changelog Entry #3622

Summary integrated the wiki's authentication with the MUD's
Rated Importance
4 raters
Rated Value
4 raters
Type web revision
By Chaos
When Mar 23 2008 5:30 AM
Description Modified the wiki's authentication mechanics so that it's slaved to the MUD's. Your login name for the wiki, and your identity on it for that matter, is now the same as your atman name, and your password is your atman password; the wiki no longer supports creating arbitrary different identities. Historical editing information does not appear to be affected by the change, which I'm sure will be some kind of massive pain.
Reason Silly to have an entire separate authentication mechanism.
Result lostsouls.org is more or less single-login. Ideally, at some point in the future you'll also automatically be logged into the wiki if you're logged into the rest of the web site.
Version not updated

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