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System Changelog Entry #7947

Summary Kineitids nerfed (again)
Rated Importance
2 raters
Rated Value
2 raters
Type content revision
By Ngaathu
When Apr 24 2022 9:44 AM
Description Kineitids were hands down THE best cloak to wear ever and always. This is no longer the case. The damage absorption now scales with order favour (to higher values than what was available previously with very high order favour) and all of the static resistances have been removed in favor of buffing resistance skills. I did add a few more skills to the number of skills buffed and increased the amount to 75. What this means is kineitids are now better in some ways if you actually invest in order favour and still pretty damn good if you don't.
Reason Granting flat resistances on armour is a plague
Result Maybe other cloaks will be explored
Projects Armaments of Calibra
Version not updated

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