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System Changelog Entry #7545

Summary kolondan weapon smithy slightly expanded
Rated Importance
3 raters
Rated Value
3 raters
Type content expansion
By Benerius
When Mar 12 2019 2:09 AM
Description Added a new weapon object that comes in various different weapon types, craft grades, and materials to the weaponsmithy in kolond, and made it so that he'll sell to people who aren't part of the Kolondan culture.
Reason I've been wanting to work on diversifying the types of weapons accessable to players for a while now, and had some free time to work on some of that today.
Result Certain thematically-appropriate scarce weapon types are less scarce. There may be further changes to other existing areas in the next days to add more mundane weaponry of less-common types if this change is well-received.
Projects Kolond
Version not updated

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