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System Changelog Entry #6255

Summary Lupines -> Synodia Lykouros
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Type content revision
By Marcosy
When Feb 2 2016 8:31 PM
Description the Lupines guild has been changed into an association, and renamed to "Synodia Lykouros" (graecan for 'the traveling brotherhood of wolf-guardians'). Powers have changed as follows: Shapeshifting is the same, and Humans can now join the association and shapeshift. Metis form has been renamed to Glabro, and Homid form has been converted into a new 'idealized caster' form renamed Metis. Hispo form has been converted into a wolf form. All forms are now gated behind virtu/metamorphosis requirements. All forms can now wear armour appropriate for their anatomy. Forest armour has been changed into a passive damage reduction effect while berserk. Razor claws, Step Sideways, and Balancing of the Scales have been removed (although Aedarene Synodia Lykouros can access special benisons duplicating much of their effect). Soothing the Savage Beast has been renamed to Calm, and is now self-only. Judgement of Balance and Consider have been folded directly into looking at things. Banehowl is now a maneuver. The syntax on shapeshifting, calm, and other powers have changed (see help files). Revelation of Enchantment, Summoning of Spirits, and Luna's Vengeance have been deleted entirely. This list is not exhaustive.
Reason promised I would do this as part of Aedarene forever ago
Result finally did this
Projects Synodia Lykouros, Aedarene
Version world revision incremented to Lost Souls 0.9.109

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