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System Changelog Entry #2776

Summary made a lot of justicar changes
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4 raters
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3 raters
Type content revision
By Joku
When Jun 5 2007 5:36 PM
Description ok i changed a bunch of stuff so i'll just list. for specs, removed a few required specs that they already got from questors, added martial arts at 10, moved anything that was at 8 to 10 spec and put brawling up there with it. lowered lexi/invo to 20 spec, moved all the smithing skills to spec 6, meditation to 5. forbid erisian. and other stuff. redid armour and weapon crafting. before armour wasnt getting variable craft, now its based on your crafting skills. made getting unearthly more difficult than it was before. all the skills involved do matter but some are more important than others. your "physical crafting" skills determine your craft and your "magical crafting" determine how much is made of lexoth. this applies for weps/armour, so just because you reach unearthly craft doesnt mean your stuff is maxxed. :) redid deliver judgement, its now based off skills and has a higher cap damage in the long run with a diminishing returns formula. i raised the cost from 125 to 200 and lowered the delay from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. also i removed the chaotic align tolerance of -300 on it, now if you are even -1 align you will get hit by it, but align of target is a factor in damage. order fanatics want -all- chaos gone. made your shield size dependant on your size, 4 shield sizes are available. redid the stat mods to prayer, they are now based off skills and cap almost three times as high, i also added meditation to this skill list. duration is still the same(based on how long you med). and lastly i redid strom and a few other trainers in the tower, lowering their level and giving them more skills. i probably changed some other stuff along the way but who knows. enjoy
Reason justicars were outdated and kinda sucky
Result justicars are now a very good guild
Projects Justicars of Tyr
Version not updated

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