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System Changelog Entry #6992

Summary made all combat spells i could find integrate combat mode
Rated Importance
3 raters
Rated Value
3 raters
Type content revision
By Chaos
When Apr 24 2017 3:37 PM
Description For backward compatibility reasons, the "special attack" mechanism doesn't acknowledge the attacker's combat mode by default; it has to be enabled with a special flag. Naturally, people tend to therefore write combat spells that generate a special attack that doesn't acknowledge combat mode. I have dug up all of these I could find and made them acknowledge combat mode, excepting of course any cases where it seemed that combat mode should legitimately not apply.
Reason The idea is not "look at me, I'm a spellcaster, I get to enjoy the benefits of defensive mode on defense and balanced mode on offense".
Result If you're fighting as a spellcaster in defensive mode, you will have more problems on offense doing so (though not as many as you would have before change 6989, which I did so that this change wouldn't make the approach entirely invalid, just make you pay for it).
Projects Ordo Ignis Aeternis, Ordo Verbus Glacialis, Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris, Nihilgenesis
Version world revision incremented to Lost Souls 0.9.240

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