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System Changelog Entry #7787

Summary Minor rework of Lion maneuvers
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2 raters
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Type content revision
By Benerius
When Sep 21 2021 5:22 PM
Description I updated every lion maneuver, with the intention of bringing them more up to speed with the current game in both balance and breadth of use. Rend is now the cheapest of all of the maneuvers, serving as a bread-and-butter damage skill that does straight earth. All other maneuvers have had their elemental earth & spirit costs tweaked -- Grind mostly stayed the same, doing crushing+earth and stunning. I changed crack to deal magma damage, keeping its slow but having its effectiveness reduced due to the fact it now clings. Rive does much the same it did before, with some cost adjustments -- it's faster, now, but still does chaos + earth and agonizes. Shock was changed to actually do lightning + earth damage, and still stuns/blinds. Made sunder even slower, but increased its damage rating factors even more to ensure it's still that mega-hard-hitting big ability. In addition, I updated all the maneuver helpfiles to reflect their current iteration.
Reason Some weird dtypes were showing up in these maneuvers that shouldn't due to the myriad dtype shifts that have happened since its inception, which brought them to my attention.
Result Hopefully a better experience for Lion consorts. I think I'll be revisiting the bond in the future for a better fleshing-out to give it more uniqueness.
Projects Empathic Bonds
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