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System Changelog Entry #7720

Summary New Area: the Feaien
Rated Importance
1 rater
Rated Value
1 rater
Type content creation
By Aeriella
When Jul 24 2021 5:56 AM
Description Fey legends have long spoken of the Feaien - a primordeal fey spirit plane in which the internecine conflicts of the fracturing lineage of fey beings has cast the once-placid landscape into chaos. Though the Feaien is divorced from the normal bounds of time and space, inroads have occasionally been made into this plane by those who would attempt to meld it (and with it the fey people themselves) to their own ends. Ancient pathways have begun to reopen, and the eternal conflict threatens to open a new chapter. (The Feaien is the first pataphysical plane -- entering this plane is limited to a small number of modalities (with the possibility of adding more in the future.)
Reason New content is good.
Result New content.
Projects Feaien
Version not updated

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