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System Changelog Entry #7291

Summary new brahmanda-prakasa ability
Rated Importance
4 raters
Rated Value
4 raters
Type content revision
By Twilight
When Jan 6 2018 9:28 AM
Description brahmanda-prakasa now have the ability to draw on goetic energy to neutralize damage completely (so long as your energy reserves last). this gets infinitely more efficient, though at a diminishing rate, the more karma phala have and exploration you do. travelers who have the brahmanda-prakasa bestowal will now receive infusions of goetic energy as a common/cheap challenge completion bestowal. the help file for the brahmanda-prakasa invocation has been updated with instructions. to come soon (boarding a plane now): a mechanism that makes travelers completely incompatible with any other source of goetic energy than bestowals from challenges.
Reason i consider a ridiculous tankiness a core part of the reward for doing/offering zillions of challenges and exploring.
Projects Travelers
Version world revision incremented to Lost Souls 0.10.61

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