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System Changelog Entry #6802

Summary oia astral contact : flame attunment
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Type content revision
By Starhound
When Feb 23 2017 7:31 PM
Description oia now also have a astral contact, known as a flame attunment. It works just like the others and can be activated via the method described in "help oia spells", however due to how OIA handles its casting mechanics (which is like omg why does this exist), if you do not have a flame attunment and try to cast a spell, nothing will happen. This is because OIA cast spells on a do_hear hook which was previously attached directly to the player object from the link, but is now attached from the flame attunment object itself.
Reason oia was last on the list
Result standardization, massive amounts of guardas hate.
Projects Ordo Ignis Aeternis
Version not updated

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