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System Changelog Entry #5250

Summary Ordo Ignis Aeternis Updates/Upgrades
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Type content revision
By Joku
When Aug 21 2012 3:01 PM
Description I've made the following changes to OIA spells: 1) Immolate - Practically rewrote this spell. New rating formula, different buffs with higher caps including an appropriate debuff to stealth. This spell can no longer be targeted because I don't like it being able to make anybody an incendivore and it is a bit too pwn now anyway. Fancy shroud color/description based on rating. 2) Fiery Temper - Won't stack anymore. Different buffs with higher caps including some appropriate debuffs. Dif rating formula etc. 3) Wavering Heat - reintroduced the spell and fixed the problem of the aura falling apart so soon. different rating formula. 4) Therapeutic Heat - upgraded the endurance restoration and changed the formula 5) Mark of the Phoenix - made the change of life protection go from 50-80% instead of 95-99%. thats just unrealistic in my mind. also gave it a regeneration buff 6) Eruption - upgraded damage. made it only use fire/heat/light/smoke damage and any combination of those + caust damage 7) Fiery Bolt - redid the spell to allow you to use damage combos including fire based on your affinities. (note: this is limited to the damage combos the lib has defined. if there are any damage combos that are missing, send me a tell suggesting the damage combo name/ansi/damage types etc etc and i will possibly add it for you) upgraded damage greatly and changed rating formula + caust damage. I also made the robe regen OIA energy (fire/heat/light/smoke) Probably did some other stuff I cant recall right now. Will continue to work on some other stuff. Ktx
Reason Lysator coded it
Result OIA are very playable now... perhaps too playable
Projects Ordo Ignis Aeternis
Version not updated

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