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System Changelog Entry #7451

Summary ovg spell industria volu changes
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3 raters
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Type content revision
By Starhound
When Sep 23 2018 12:54 AM
Description removed the need for 5 gem components to cast the ovg spell industria volu. instead you may now optionally specify any amount and combination of energy gems you want at the time of casting which will boost your contribution to the guild-wide pool. also you no longer have to specify a target (the obelisk in northlands), but you do still have to be in the same room as it.
Reason player feedback was pretty unified that having to manifest individual gems was a bit too much of a pain, the rules still apply that unless the magus gelidus uses this spell it will require 3 players to activate.
Result an easier time of casting a already difficult and energy hungry spell, somewhat easier access to ovg's communal energy system. however, if you do not use energy gems you might notice that the pool of energy from one casting does not last as long as it used to, players will need to test for how the usage of gems affects the overall duration and effectiveness of the mechanic.
Projects Ordo Verbus Glacialis
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