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System Changelog Entry #5919

Summary re-rewrote brimstone blast|strike
Rated Importance
1 rater
Rated Value
1 rater
Type content revision
By Xekrin
When Dec 2 2014 2:02 PM
Description renamed (final time) to magma blast, removing all references to brimstone and evilness (yes I know brimstone isn't technically 'evil') and made it straight magma damage, reduced the reqs to know the spell, changed the rating formulae to make more sense, and directly uses specific skills to enhance size and accuracy of the attack (read help file for details)
Reason while fire may be ordered or chaotic, its not really evil or good, and while brimstone isn't evil technically, its really the first thought that springs to mind when one hears the word, so it has no real place in a fire guild just because its fire-ish. Part of an ongoing effort to remake oia spells into something so very much less stupider
Result overwhelming desire to never see oia code again (at least until after christmas) happy holidays!
Projects Ordo Ignis Aeternis
Version not updated

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